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Core Strength SuperPowers Yoga Classes (All Levels)

  • Reap the benefits of a powerful Yoga style inner body workout
  • Fire up your deep core muscle line (hugging in around the root chakra, low belly & back, energetically lifting muscles up behind belly button!)
  • Build heat & dedication by working from your core in every pose
  • Engage & work pelvic diaphragm, psoas & quadratus lumborum
  • Move from your deep core muscles in every pose & transition
  • Strengthen, strengthen, strengthen & stretch your body!
  • Excellent for injury prevention, joints, hips, back & shoulder girdle!
  • Resist & release techniques to soften into poses. Go deeper in a way the body loves!
  • Building real strength with controlled movement. This is a safer way for the body to stretch as it is supported throughout the practice.

About Core Strength SuperPowers Yoga Classes.

Inspired by Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga (by Sadie Nardini) with Eimear's own specific techniques for injury prevention, variations, finding the next steps, honouring the body & a deeply connected practice with fun, creative sequences!

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