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  • Specific, customised classes for your group
  • Specialising in gentle Yoga with Pranayama (breathing exercises) & simple meditation & awareness practices
  • Workshops, 6 week courses, on-going classes & one-off classes

Here at Alight we advise a gentle Yoga sequence suited to all levels (with some more challenging variations for experienced students). The Yoga sequence is designed to stretch the spine & counteract physical tension from sitting. The sequence both energises & relaxes the body alleviating stress & tiredness. Yoga promotes health & well-being and results in a healthier, happier workplace. We also include much Pranayama (breathing exercises) and simple meditation, visualisation & physical and emotional awareness. This is fantastic for stress, anxiety & mild depression. It is extremely calming and requires absolutely no energy to do. It results in great clarity & mental refreshment.


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Yoga & Meditation in the Workplace Benefits

  • Stretch spine, wrists & arms. Strengthen back & physical body
  • Yoga is scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health, curb chronic neck and low-back pain, sharpen the brain, control diabetes, staves off stress and anxiety, decrease depression & more.
  • Meditation promotes workers to; possess a clear vision of their goals. Inspiration to be innovative in their approach to supplying products and services. Leadership to guide individuals towards success. Teamwork to enable employees to keep up in today’s global marketplace
6 Week Course
$75 per 75 min session
A gentle routine for health & well-being.
$5 extra per student after 12th participant.
Wellness Workshop
$200 per 3 hours
Create a day of sanctuary at your office. 3 hours of practice & ideas & guidance for your staff to take home.
Unlimited participants. Please note mat space & space inbetween is necessary for Yoga.
Single Session
$90 per 75 min
A mini retreat & relaxation session for your staff.
$5 extra per student after 20th participant.