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Core Strength SuperPowers Yoga Intermediate & Advanced Practice

  • Customized Private Yoga Lessons
  • Intermediate & Advanced Yoga Classes
  • Challenge Workshops & Specialized Courses

Take your practice further. Commit to your personal development!

Choose from private Yoga lessons, Yoga classes, Challenge workshops & Courses for Intermediate & advanced students.

Alight's mixed level classes are always suitable for Intermediate & Advanced students, offering more challenging variations in each sequence. Mixed Level classes include Intermediate & Advanced "peak poses" which we work towards.

Check out our Specialized Courses such as "6 weeks to Easier Arm Balances & Challenge poses" & Challenge workshops such as "Core Strength SuperPowers, towards challenge poses"

Alight's classes are always spiritually based. We always practice meditation, pranayama, & awareness during practice. What we practice with our bodies is an analogy & tool for inner knowing & insight.

Locations: Adelaide inner North-Western Suburbs West Croydon. Linde Reserve Stepney Adelaide Eastern Suburbs

Timetables Workshops & Events

6 week Specialized Courses Easier Arm Balances

  • Build strength & flexibility in a safe way your body loves!
  • Harness your deep core muscles to make arm balances and challenge poses much easier.
  • General Core Strength "Work-out/work-in"Sequence for fun, flexibilty & strength building with FOCUS on Deep Core Strength & Arm Strength.

Poses we will work on or towards:

Tiger Curls
Shakti-no-kicks coming onto toes (psoas power)
Shakti kicks
Crow (with core Strength techniques)
Half-Handstand (at wall)
Unfurling into Handstand (no kicking)
Hanstand prep partner work (drawing leg into body. Safe practice)
Forearm handstand at wall (using block)
Scorpian (initially with block & wall)
Side Arm Balances towards leg extended (with belt initially)
Splits or half spits
Pose dedicated to Sage Koundinya 2 (or from lizard pose towards)
and many more fun and exciting poses!

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Core Strength SuperPowers Challenge Poses Upcoming Workshop

  • Learn HOW to engage the psoas and other deep core muscles in EVERY pose.
  • Move towards (or to) challenge poses such as handstands, crow, Scorpian& full splits SAFELY. Discover a much easier way by engaging the deep core lineof the body. No flailing or kicking wildly!
  • Revolutionary techniques to strengthen and engage the deep core line of the body (underneath superficial muscles such as abs etc). One such muscle is the psoas.
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Casual Mixed Level
$18.50 per class
6 Week Pass
$99 per 6 classes
$50 per 3 hours
Specialized Course
$120 per 6 weeks

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