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Personal practice & advanced practice Private Yoga

Take a quantum leap in your practice! Develop and plan forward. Personal guidance specifically for you -your unique body & being! Benefit from an entirely customised practice, with every moment of your lesson, from music choices to Yoga pose, selected to serve your physical & emotional requirements. Fill out a detailed registration form and talk with Eimear to create a beautiful pre-planned practice well  in advance of your arrival! There is so much more to Yoga than you could ever imagine!

Suitable for everyone wishing to seriously develop their practice, including retirees, Beginner Yogis and Yoga teachers in training!

Did you mean private healing Yoga

Private Yoga Benefits

  • Enjoy a practice perfect for you!
  • Discover better alignment for your unique body
  • Learn Core Strength SuperPowers techniques where beneficial
  • Find the truth of each pose, internally & externally
  • Get more than you imagined possible from your practice
  • Discover new advanced poses (if desired)
  • Learn about the Chakras & incorporate Chakra poses (optional)
  • Discover the benefits of a deep, many layered practice
  • Learn more breathing practices & meditation (optional)
  • The bliss of a well-rounded practice!
Bliss Combo
$90 per 2 hours
Yoga 1-2-1
Reiki Energy Healing
Personal practice 1-2-1
$80 per 75 min
Take a quantum leap in your practice
Yoga development
Get so much more form your practice!
The Early Bird 1-2-1
$70 per 75 min
Bag yourself a bargain!
9am -3pm (last treatment 3-4pm)

The Throat Chakra. Vishudda

Location: where the collarbones meet     Colour: sky blue        Element: ether

This chakra is associated with communication and authenticity. The Throat Chakra acts as a gateway between the heart and the head. It is the Chakra associated with seeking and sharing the truth and inspired creativity.  A person with a healthy throat chakra is a good listener. In order to fully tap into the power of the visuddha chakra you need to have done a certain amount of work in the other energy centres. The visuddha chakra bridges the heart and the mind. When that space is clear, it integrates the wisdom of both, allowing profound spiritual truths to flow freely.


The throat chakra is associated with the throat, thyroid, neck, shoulders, mouth, ears and jaw. It is connected with the Thyroid and parathyroid gland. The Oesophagus, Trachea, cervical vertebra and the vocal chord are also connected with this chakra.


The throat chakra is associated with expressing our truth or not. An imbalanced throat chakra might manifest as critical, over-opinionated behaviour towards others. Verbal abuse and shouting when it is not necessary are also signs of an over-active throat chakra. Telling lies is an issue related to the throat chakra. An under-active throat chakra might express itself as timidity and failing to “speak up” for oneself. A person with an under-active throat chakra may be perceived as flaky, or as a people pleaser. Their external reality may be entirely at odds with their internal reality.

Healthful activates for the throat chakra...

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