About Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word that can be translated as “sacred energy”. Reiki treats the subtle energy fields of the body and includes the aura, the meridians and endocrine system. Reiki Energy Healing is generally administered using pre-set, non-invasive hand positions on or over the body. Ki is channeled through the palms of the practitioner facilitating stress-release, healing & a deep sense of peace. Reiki aims to treat the whole person body, mind, spirit and emotions.

  • Calms the spirit & soothes grief
  • Relieves anxiety, stress, worry & mild depression
  • Can assist with recovery from injuries & illness’
  • Promotes physical & emotional well-being
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Supports the body during other treatments
  • Assists with resolving practical dilemmas.
Uplift your spirit, promote health and allow clearing of your physical & emotional body. Experience blissfully restorative Reiki energy healing treatments. Relax, de-stress & rejuvenate in comfort! 

Your Treatment

  • Brief consultation & intention setting prior to treatment
  • Soothing atmosphere with ambient music & lighting
  • Non-invasive hand-positions on or over the body
  • Remain fully clothed for your comfort
  • Feedback for you on practitioner's experience of treatment

What you may experience

  • Immediate sense of deep relaxation and release
  • Heat or coolness in areas being treated
  • Feeling hands on an area of the body after the practitioner's hands have physically moved away.
  • Clients may “see colours” in their mind’s eye
  • Tears may come immediately or following
  • Aches, pains, nausea and discomfort can dissolve
  • A client may feel emotionally lighter or euphoric
  • Receiving Reiki can be a spiritual experience
After Hours
$80 per 75 min
Experience a soothing, relaxing
and energising Healing Treatment
Uplift your entire being!
Bliss Combo
$90 per 120 min
Any Yoga One-to-One
Full Reiki Treatment!
The Early Bird
$70 per 75 min
Full Reiki Treatment
Experience the joy of Reiki
9am -3pm Mon-Fri

The Chakras & Reiki

Reiki is perceived to work on the Chakras, Meridians, and the Aura associated with the energy body.

There are 7 major Chakras in the body. It is said that the Root Chakra, as depicted, is important to work on first. It is suggested that this sets the foundation for work on all other chakras.

The root chakra is associated with basic survival instincts. It is related to the "right to be" and a sense of security. This security relates to physical, emotional, financial & practical well-being.

Physically, the root Chakra relates to the bones of the body (Including spine & teeth), the feet, legs & reproductive organs (on a purely physical level). The root Chakra is also associated with the lower back.

It is also believed that this Chakra relates to ancestral memory. Therefore most people have some level of work to do on this area.

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