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Okuden: Deeper Knowing Reiki Level 2 Certification

With Reiki Level 2 you will be more deeply attuned to the energy of Reiki. You will be more intuitively guided during treatments. Your trust & confidence in your abilities (and in being guided) will greatly increase. Your knowledge of how to use Reiki during treatments, will also develop further. You will learn new methods for treatments & new ways to work with the energy.

Free gift of Sei Chem healing system with each Alight Reiki Level 2 Course. You will be attuned to 6 additional symbols (energy frequencies) as well as the 3 Reiki Level 2 symbols!

Reiki Level 2 What you get

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 2 Certification
  • Lineage back to founder Mikao Usui
  • 2 further Reiki attunements over the course of the day
  • Indepth manual for home practice & further learning
  • Learn to use 3 Reiki "symbols" during treatments & more
  • Free Gift of Sei Chem Healing system with attunements
  • Learn to use 6 Sei Chem symbols, in treatments & more
  • Learn & practice using all "symbols" during treatments
  • Learn how to send distant Reiki
  • Learn how to "program" affirmations with a Reiki treatment
  • Feedback & guidance from a working Reiki Master practitioner
  • Invitation to future Reiki Group Shares
  • A little gentle Yoga refresh (optional)
  • Meditation & breathing work for mental clarity (optional)

Alight Reiki Level 2 Benefits

  • Deeper personal healing & connection with Reiki Source energy
  • Better ability to treat others without a need to "lift their burden"
  • Become a better practitioner with more significant results
  • Tools to use Reiki successfully in more ways, personally & professionally
  • Reiki 2 often consolidates a new life path
  • Awakening of your own intuition & trust in source guidance
  • Use symbols to clear your energy quickly, for shielding & "cutting" energetic connections
  • Clear your house, home & treatment room with "symbols"
  • Bring Reiki into every situation rather than worrying!

Choosing a Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Intuition
  • Being drawn towards a certain site/page
  • Synchronicity. Something "popping up"
  • Go for a Reiki treatment with Master. See how they work.
  • Seeing if there is the option of Reiki group shares

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Reiki is only positive energy
  • The practitioner uses Reiki energy rather than their own energy. In fact a practitioner receives the healing Reiki energy as they are channeling it.
  • We can not "will" Reiki to do anything not for the higher good
  • A practitioner is not responsible for the results of a treatment. We are handing everything over to source -this is infinite intelligence and has a clear idea of what is best for the client. The clients' free will is also very much at play.
  • Reiki flows stronger with practice -our connection with source energy becomes more evident.
  • Although Reiki can do no harm, it advisable to clear ourselves after a treatment -whether this be to "cut off" in our mind, or perhaps even on a physical level. (Learnt with Reiki 2)
  • Reiki is not a religion. Reiki naturally attracts spiritual people as we are working with universal energy. It is acceptable to call in angels, angels, Jesus, Buddha or ascended masters etc to assist with treatments. This is an addition to, rather than a part of Reiki teachings. It is not necessary to hold any specific beliefs to practice Reiki

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