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The ultimate wellness package! Bliss Combo (Reiki & Yoga)

Get to the roots of any physical or emotional challenge. Rediscover wellness, health & your natural self!

  • Services that compliment & assist in achieving maximum results
  • 60 mins Reiki Energy Healing
  • 6o min Private Yoga (healing 1-2-1 or personal practice)

Benefits of Reiki & Yoga combo

  • Approach a challenge from all levels of your being
  • More immediate physical & emotional understanding
  • Reiki helps work & resolve hidden elements related to issue
  • Yoga offers practical tools to work muscles, breath & mind
  • Both of these approaches are invaluable & work in concert

For Injury management, physical & emotional conditions About Private Yoga (Yoga One-to-Ones)

Get specific. Your body is unique & has unique requirements. Your Healing Yoga One-to-One is designed for you and your requirements solely. Rediscover health & well-being and the simple joy of being alive!

Eimear is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, which helps greatly when working with others in a healing capacity.

  • Strengthen and bring health to specific areas of the body & mind
  • Accommodate & relieve injuries and illness.
  • Incorporate Restorative Yoga techniques where applicable
  • Learn to use Yoga props such as blankets, blocks, belts, pillows & furniture!
  • Pranayama (breath work), meditation & Yoga Nidra (Deep guided relaxation) where applicable
  • Work on the Chakras with poses, breath, music & meditation
Healing Yoga 1-2-1 Personal practice

Reiki Energy Healing About Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese word that can be translated as “sacred energy”. Reiki treats the subtle energy fields of the body and includes the aura, the meridians and endocrine system. Reiki Energy Healing is generally administered using pre-set, non-invasive hand positions on or over the body. Ki is channeled through the palms of the practitioner facilitating stress-release, healing & a deep sense of peace. Reiki aims to treat the whole person body, mind, spirit and emotions.

  • Calms the spirit & soothes grief
  • Relieves anxiety, stress, worry & mild depression
  • Can assist with recovery from injuries & illness’
  • Promotes physical & emotional well-being
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Supports the body during other treatments
  • Assists with resolving practical dilemmas.
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Reiki or Yoga
$80 per 75 min
Uplift your spirit, relieve tension & stress with Reiki
A customised Yoga 1-2-1 of your choice
Bliss Combo
$90 per 120 min
Any Yoga One-to-One
Full Reiki Treatment!
The Early Bird
$70 per 75 min
Full Reiki Treatment
OR Any Yoga 1-2-1
9am -3pm. Mon-Fri

Alight Reiki & Yoga

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