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Including: Beginners Yoga & Injury Management Courses Specialised Small Group Yoga Courses

  • Beginners Yoga Courses (in 6 Weeks)
  • Yoga for Strong, Healthy Pain-free Backs ( in 6 Weeks)
  • Easier Arm-Balances & Challenge Poses (in 6 weeks)
  • Relief for Stress, Anxiety & Mild Depression (in 6 weeks)
  • Chakra Yoga: Illuminate your chakras! (in 7 weeks)

 These Small Group Yoga courses offer very specific support & guidance. This is a beautiful way to begin your practice & gain confidence. It is the nearest thing to a 1-2-1 & customized service.

In Yoga we are really learning about our very unique body and experience. Be guided inwards to understand and become aware of your body & spirit's requirements, that is personal to you. Find your light!

Locations: Adelaide inner North-Western Suburbs West Croydon 5008

Timetables Workshops & Events

6 week Specialised Courses Easier Arm Balances

  • Build strength & flexibility in a safe way your body loves!
  • Harness your deep core muscles to make arm balances and challenge poses much easier.
  • General Core Strength "Work-out/work-in"Sequence for fun, flexibilty & strength building with FOCUS on Deep Core Strength & Arm Strength.
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Strong, Healthy, Pain-Free Backs Yoga For Backs

  • Learn & practice Core Strength Yoga techniques for physical protection.
  • Work the RIGHT muscles rather than mis-using your back.
  • Easy Asanas (poses) to strengthen your entire back. Modify poses to take the strain off your back.
  • Learn how to protect upper and lower back. No-strain practice. Improve physical awareness
  • Protect & respect your body as you move.
  • Balance your muscles and the relationship between torso and legs. Move in a way your body loves.
  • A fun & relaxing practice, including meditation & guided relaxation
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6 Week Core Strength SuperPowers Beginners Yoga Courses

  • Step by step guidance. The fundamental poses in a friendly, relaxed environment.
  • Core Strength style means Injury prevention, optimal alignment & less joint and muscle tension
  • A safe Yoga-style workout & heat building practice that tones & strengthens the body.
  • Practicing Forward bends and Down Dog softly with bent legs to lengthen back and find “truth of poses”
  • Gradually improve alignment with resist and release techniques. Back off to go deeper!
  • Become confident and familiar with the “Salute to the Sun”. Tune into your body and develop physical awareness. Learn to use props.
  • Pranayama: Three-part Yogic breathing & Core Strength Breathing, Meditation & deep guided Savasana (relaxation.)
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6 Week Course for Relief of Stress, Anxiety & Mild Depression

  • Blissful supported Yoga poses. All the health & well-being benefits with none of the effort!
  • Learn to watch & control your breath. Increasing physical & emotional awareness.
  • Release tension and stress from your body and mind. RELAX. Gain a whole new perspective on your thoughts and worries so you can LET GO!
  • Easy, supported (with props) poses to uplift the senses and bring about joy. A gentle stretch for your whole body (without strain and no energy required)
  • Leave each week feeling uplifted, energised and calm
  • Find peace and harmony in mind and body. Practice letting go of anger, fear, sadness and worry. Allow yourself to be in the present moment, where all is well.
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Harness the power of your Chakras Illuminate 7 Chakras Yoga

  • A new key to health & well-being. Uplift your entire being. Balance the body’s energy centres.
  • Work on the major chakras of the physical, emotional & spiritual body. Specific Yoga poses for all 7 Chakras.
  • Balance energies associated with each Chakra. Visualisation, breath exercises & meditation related to the Chakras
  • A little Reiki Energy healing to support the work being done.
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Casual Small Group
$25 per class
6 Week (General)
$99 per 6 classes
$50 per 3 hours
Small Group Course
$120 per 6 weeks

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Reiki Treatments, Private Yoga, Reiki Courses, Yoga Workshops &  Small Group Specialised Yoga Classes.

16 Rowell Crescent, West Croydon 5008.

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