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Eimear Lindsay Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher & Core Strength Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. Creator of Core Strength SuperPowers (Strongly influences by Sadie Nardini's Core Strength Vinyasa techniques). Eimear specialises in Yoga 1-2-1s for health, wellness & recovery.

Eimear is an associate member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, for both Yoga & Reiki.

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Eimear’s Yoga journey.

Eimear began teaching Yoga "accidentally", it was an over-pouring of her own love of Yoga and the desire to share that joy with others.  She initially began teaching others while facilitating drama workshops & as part of warm-ups during theatre rehearsals.

Eimear has over 17 years of Yoga experience "starting the clock" as an Intermediate student. She actually took her first Yoga class at the age of six! Yoga has been her gym, her medicine, her faith, and the axle of her world for over 17 years.

Eimear spent five years under senior Iyenger teacher trainer Aisling Guirke in Dublin. She professes Aisling to be one of the most talented teachers in any industry that she has ever met.

Eimear's passion was ignited and she learned many different styles of Yoga with some exceptional teachers. There were some stand-out classes, workshops and courses in Jivamukhti, Hatha, Anusara and Core Yoga. Eimear took an Anusara teacher training module on Inversions with U.S senior teacher trainer Betsey Downing.

Most recently Eimear has completed 3 separate Sadie Nardini, Core Strength Vinyasa Courses (@ 20 hours each) including: Revolution Yoga Teacher Training, Rock Star Yoga Teacher Training, & Core Strength Yoga anatomy. She is in the process of beginning her 4th Core Strength Vinyasa Course for teachers.

Eimear's Reiki Journey

Eimear is a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/teacher and have been working as a Reiki practitioner/Reiki healer in Adelaide since 2013.

She is a certified for Reiki Level 1, Level 2, & Master Practioner/Teacher.

Something similar had been a part of Eimear's life before learning Reiki. For long years, she had been inspired to be an instrument for bringing health & well-being wherever possible.

Immediately on completing Reiki 1, clients started coming seeking her services.

Eimear has been working as a Reiki Practitioner since 2013 and teaching (as a Reiki Master) since 2016. She combines skills from Yoga & meditation to make her Reiki Courses as enjoyable & interesting as possible. Reminding students that self-realisation is the ultimate goal.

Healing Yoga for the Rotator Cuff

Injury Management Yoga for the Rotator Cuff. Slow Flow 20 mins

Protect your body with "Yoga Therapy" tips for your shoulders!

  • practice Yoga exercises to re-balance the muscles
  • prevent further injury or pain.
  • Learn to modifiy your practice safely
  • New pose variations for therapeutic shoulder stretch

Beginners Simple & Easy

Beginners Salute to the Sun. Core Strength SuperPowers. 15 mins

Don't wait for the perfect moment. Begin!

  • simple sequence to get you going.
  • Core Strength techniques for Beginners
  • Salute to the Sun Core Strength variations .
  • Tone & Strengthen with an internal workout
  • Awaken & Re-energise

Strong, healthy Pain-Free Backs

Gentle healing Core Strength Yoga for Injury management. 40 mins

Fantastic tips from my healing one-to-ones & specialised workshops

  • Core Strength techniques for back protection
  • engage the correct muscles properly
  • exercises to heal, stretch & strengthen
  • a thoroughly enjoyable sequence for body & mind