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Monthly themed workshops. These extremely popular workshops offer the opportunity to reap the benefits of a personalized practice at a price you can easily afford. The Small Group setting ensures you get a specific, customized service with much personal guidance -encouraging you to grow, blossom & develop to your full capacity -physically, emotionally & spiritually. These workshops are often life-changing for people offering great physical insight & revelations about themselves. Dive deep! Past workshops include: Yoga for Stress & Anxiety relief, Yoga for Strong, Healthy, Pain- Free Backs, Illuminate Chakra workshops, Core Strength SuperPowers workshops & More Advanced Challenge Poses.

Upcoming workshop Core Strength SuperPowers

When: 25th March 2pm-5pm.  

How much: $50 ($35 deposit). This is a Small Group Course & Booking is very necessary. Thanks!

A Core Strength Yoga techniques to live from a centered self. Harness your inner power emotionally & physically!

Learn Core Strength Yoga techniques to use the correct muscles. Make your practice easier & more powerful. Support the body in a way it loves. Back off to go deeper. Controlled movement for an inner workout in every pose which prevents injury and misuse of your body.

Core Strength Yoga naturally ignites the lower Chakras and lifts energy into the 3rd Chakra. We will build on this and stoke our inner fire & confidence!

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Core Strength SuperPowers Workshop What You Get

  • Harness your power emotionally and physically!
  • Find, activate & strengthen muscles of the pelvic diaphragm, psoas & quadratus lumborum
  • Experience going deeper with repetition and backing off rather than straining.
  • Build poses from foundations upwards
  • Build strength AND stretch!
  • Protect your joints, shoulder girdle, hips and back for the long-term
  • A safer more powerful practice
  • 3rd Chakra self-empowerment & ownership exploration
  • A Yogic workout and revolutionary practice

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  • Strong, Healthy, Pain-Free Backs & Hips
  • Working with the Chakras (Yoga poses, pranayama & visualization)
  • Yoga for Stress, Anxiety & Mild Depression
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Reiki or Yoga
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Uplift your spirit, relieve tension & stress with Reiki
A customised Yoga 1-2-1 of your choice
Yoga Workshop
$50 3 hours
Book in to our awesome workshop!
Heaps of personal guidance & attention.
A life-changing practice!
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$70 per 75 min
Full Reiki Treatment
OR Any Yoga 1-2-1
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